Benefits of NAD+ Treatment - Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ is a compound found in our body cells. It helps with different functions like boosting the immune system, maintaining cell health, and repairing DNA. NAD+ also boosts energy and the metabolism process. But what are its main benefits?

  • Slows the Ageing Process

We cannot stop the aging process, but we can slow it down. NAD+ therapy is a proven anti-aging treatment that deals with aging at cellular levels to help you feel and look younger.

Our bodies contain sirtuins, which are genes that protect us from diseases and deterioration (aging). These genes send troops to protect our bodies when under physical stress from hunger or work out.  

They help to promote effective DNA repair, and that means body repair that leads to slowed aging. NAD+ helps to drive these genes to work.

  • Aid Weight Loss and Boost Metabolism 

The metabolism process slows down when one becomes older, and that results in weight gain. Besides, obesity often leads to metabolic disorders like diabetes and kills over 1.6 million people every year worldwide. A high-fat diet and aging also reduce the NAD+ level in our bodies. 

Since NAD+ helps slow the aging process, it can help boost your metabolism and ensure you shed weight. That can also mean having a high level of NAD+ in your body.

  • Helps in Muscle Function

Mitochondrial function is the powerhouse of your bodies and is vital during workouts. NAD+ plays a critical role in guaranteeing healthy mitochondria and constant energy output. 

High levels of NAD+ in our muscles can improve mitochondria function and fitness. Evidence also shows that people who have a high NADA+ level are leaner and can work out longer.  

  • NAD+ For Heart Function

Our arteries help to control the pressure waves that occur due to the heartbeats. But these arteries get stiffer when we get older, leading to high blood pressure, which results in cardiovascular disease.

High blood pressure causes blocked arteries and an enlarged heart that leads to a fatal stroke. A high NAD+ level in your body can provide your heart with the protection it requires and improves your cardiac functions. 

  • Improves Brain Power and Mental Clarity 

Our cognitive abilities decline as we get older. NAD+ can help keep your brain in peak condition by enhancing your brainpower, focus, and mental clarity.

It can ensure you enjoy a quality life, be more productive, and make better decisions. Most people who undergo NAD+ treatment report improved memory, mood, and concentration.

  • Reverses Sun Damage

Sun damage destroys our cell’s make-up and appears in the form of fine lines, pigmentation, and skin cancer. NAD+ helps to repair our DNA and reverse these effects.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation can cause damage to your DNA and cells. It can occur if you take inflammatory foods, get exposed to toxic material, or breathe in pollutants. 

NAD+ can help to correct and prevent DNA and cell damages.

Does NAD+ Prolong Life 

NAD+ has some benefits that can prolong your life. They include:

  • Promotes Telomeres: Sirtuins help maintain the length of telomeres, the end of a chromosome that renews your cells. They can reach a critical level and accelerate the aging process of cell death. You can extend their length with NAD+, and that can minimize the aging process and lead to a longer life.
  • Promotes DNA Repair: Replenishing NAD+ in your body can promote DNA repair and slow cell death. DNA repair occurs due to an enzyme called PARP-1, which requires a lot of NAD+. That means you can slow the cellular aging process when you get enough NAD, which means a longer life span.
  • Modulates Immune-Cell Signaling: Some of our immune cells become overactive when we age while others slow down, leading to infections. That process is called immunosenescence, and it relates to energy balance and mitochondrial function. The two processes depend on NAD+, which means you can rejuvenate your youthfulness. 
  • Induces Energy-Intensive Enzymes: One sign of aging is the decrease in cellular energy, which leads to a decline in ATP levels. You can boost the energy-extraction process in our cell with NAD+ and lead to a longer life.
  • NAD+ as a Neurotransmitter: Ample NAD+ is your neurotransmitter that helps to maintain a healthy brain. That helps to regulate your body functions like stress, appetite, and mood.


All the healthy food you eat cannot help your cell if you do not have enough NAD+ in your body. It also provides many benefits to your body, like slowing the aging process, helping in metabolism, and others.

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