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Polls, they are everywhere in Telegram messenger. Whether it's a news channel or an online clothing store, there will always be polls. It's been a while since telegram first introduced polls and they've proved to be helpful. People have used polls for many different purposes from deciding what to wear for a job interview to predicting the winner of elections. There are currently three types of polls on telegram you could use for gaining information from your members:

Polls with anonymous votes

Not everybody is willing to shout out their opinion. A lot of people prefer privacy when it comes to surveys or polls. Anonymous votes are very useful exactly for this reason. Nobody, including you, will know who has voted which. When votes are cast anonymously, more people are likely to voice their opinions and participate in polls, which in return will help you get the information you were looking for. It's especially beneficial to keep votes anonymous when the topic is a sensitive one (E.g. political, personal, etc.).

Polls with visible votes

As you can imagine yourself, in this kind votes are there for everyone to see. This kind works best for not so intense arguments and in group chats where everyone knows each other. Imagine a poll in your family group about who's going to wash the dishes tonight. The options are you and your sister. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could see who's voted for you? As the saying goes you need not look far to find your foes. 



Polls with multiple answers

Two choices don’t always work. What if you were trying to schedule your friend's birthday party? Should it be tomorrow morning, midday, half-past four, eight in the evening, or at midnight to give a sensational feel to it? It's obvious two choices won't be enough. The other good news for the many hesitators is that you're free to choose more than one!

Quiz mode polls

For the game show experts and contestant spirit in all of us, there's now quiz mode in telegram. From biology questions to celebrity gossip, you could create quizzes for your members to answer. The big surprise is that the right answer will also get a confetti effect. It's perfect to keep your members engaged and find out how much they pay attention to the content you're producing.

How to create polls

You can create polls in channels as well as groups. You cannot use this feature in one-on-one chats. Mostly populous groups and channels with lots of members use polls to settle disagreements in a civilized way or to gain information about members' preferences. 

So how are you going to create polls in telegram?

- Simply choose the poll option in the attachment menu (that little pin right at the bottom of the chat pages).

- Type in your question.

- Add answer options (it whether yes/no, a time/day or a color, etc.) based on the questions.

- Choose the setting of your poll. Remember if it's a sensitive topic it better remains anonymous. If you're sending the poll to a family/friend group you might want the votes to be visible and if you're calling a competition, quiz mode should be the one you're looking for.

What are the benefits of using telegram polls?

You can use polls for many purposes. For example, imagine you have a business channel on telegram and would like to find out how content your customers are with your services. Or you produce special content for your members and are planning to make a change, you can ask them beforehand what they think about it so that you can deliver in a better, organized way. You can send a poll in quiz mode and give special gifts to the ones who have guessed the right answer. This way many will invite their friends and relative to your channel/group to participate in the competitions and win gifts. 

You can find other benefits of telegram polls below: 

An increase in user activity

If you're the only speaker in your channel and your members get no part in the activities, they will likely get bored. Members want to participate in discussions, take part in competitions and voice their opinions in polls and buy Telegram members for channel. If you to give them the chance to express themselves, they will engage more, interact better and help you to understand their needs. 

An increase in new members

Some channels set out competitions using quiz modes and give the winners something of worth. You must have seen them. they ask you a question based on the activities of the channel or something completely irrelevant and give the winner/ winners a prize. As you know word travels, when you give your members gifts or prizes, people would also want to join your channel and win.



Builds trust in the heart of your members

When you ask your members about your activities, or when you want to know their opinion about a new product, they will know that the person behind this channel cares about their needs and thought. When you promise you will give a prize and keep your promise, it's important because your members will trust and will have a better image of your channel.

Your channel will become more popular

Imagine an active, engaging channel asking their members about their views and keen to find out their requirements and a dull, monotone one that takes no interest in the opinions or needs of its members. Who would you like more? It's with no doubt the former that makes a good impression on members and touches their heart the most. Some people would only join your channel through polls and become a fan!

More people will visit your channel

When someone shares a poll of your Telegram channel or invites their friends to take part in your competitions, more people will visit your channel, view your content and eventually become a member. So many people would want to stay in your channel and show interest in it, so many people will come across your contents and view them, therefore increasing the number of views.

It will let you know what your users want from you

You can ask them about the content you're producing, their age, how they feel, what they need and so many other things. They will tell you what they want and it will be super useful to you.

Why buy telegram vote polls

You could promote your Telegram poll so that it gets more visibility and as a result more votes. But it will cost time. And it's not even guaranteed that it will get to the right target group. Buy Telegram vote polls, people will show much more interest in taking part in it.

It will attract more voters

People hesitate in taking part in polls. They won't take part in just any poll that comes their way. The number of the votes, on the other hand, is an indicator of trust. It shows that you're a reliable and more people would like to vote in polls with more cast votes.

People will share polls with more votes more 

Just like we said before, people will view polls with more votes as more reliable and trustworthy. If you increase the number of votes by buy telegram vote polls, they would like their friends and contacts to also take part in this poll and this helps get more recognition for your channel.

It's an amazing way for obtaining information

Imagine you share a poll in your channel, it would not get that many votes normally. But if you buy telegram poll votes, so much more people would share, vote and take part in it.


Telegram polls are an amazing marketing tool with numerous options. These polls can increase your members, get the necessary information for you and help you get more recognized. For having success with a large participation, you need to buy telegram poll votes and post views. Buy telegram vote polls will help you get more votes. Buy telegram poll votes will also increase the number of your members and the times people have shared your poll in different groups/channels. 


Buy telegram poll votes will help you seed trust in the hearts of your members and will get more reputation for your channel. Promoting a poll by yourself is possible but proceeds very slow. Once you have bought telegram poll votes, more people will want to engage in your poll, visit your channel and eventually become a member. As you can see buy telegram poll votes in enormously important to the success and the profitability of your channel. 

Do not hesitate, cast your vote! 

Choose us to help you get the necessary number of votes for your polls and attract members to your channel! With professional help, there will be no waste of time or money. By buy telegram vote polls, you will start earning money on telegram very soon! The clock is ticking! Contact us to help you buy telegram vote polls!

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