Guide to select the best 1911 holsters

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When the first-generation M1911 pistol was designed by John Browning, he had no idea that it would go on to become the most famous American firearm. Even though it has been over a century since its release, the full-size 1911 remains the world's most popular pistol.

1911 Holsters Guide - How To Choose The Correct One - Craft Holsters®

All of the main gun manufacturers have their own 1911 models, and many enforcement agencies and militaries still use it as their primary sidearm. There are also many aftermarket modifications available for this model, including many holsters.


The best types of 1911 holsters


  1. On-the-waistband (OWB)-

These 1911 holsters provide excellent carry comfort and retention, which is critical given the weight of a full-size weapon like 1911. You can carry your 1911s covertly provided you use OWB 1911 holsters that have a low profile and ride higher on your belt.


  1. In-the-waistband (IWB) -

Even with full-size handguns, these 1911 holsters are perfect for deep concealment, but be sure to purchase one with a sweat guard. This is one of the most widely used types of holsters for the 1911 firearm. They are, however, not the most comfortable alternative as the pistol may dig into your stomach or side, and the 5-inch barrel may extend lower down your jeans than smaller firearms.


  1. Shoulder -

These 1911 holsters are considered to be more elegant than the other carrying types. This carry technique is especially well-suited to full-size pistols. Your 1911 will hug close to your body in a vertical position, making concealment considerably easier. However, one thing to keep in mind is to buy holsters that evenly distribute weight.


How to select the best 1911 holsters

When it comes to selecting the best 1911 holsters, there are numerous factors to consider. These types of holsters must be comfortable to wear and provide adequate retention. The holster should be molded on an exact duplicate of the weapon to ensure the greatest feasible fit. If you have a holster made this way, you may rest assured that it will have adequate natural retention. When it comes to larger weapons, though, improving retention is always a good idea, which is why the best 1911 holsters have retention strengthening mechanisms.


Second, and maybe more crucially, 1911 holsters need to be as comfortable and tailored to your tastes as possible. The material a holster is composed of has a lot to do with how comfortable it is which is why leather 1911 holsters are considered to be the most comfortable. Leather is not only soft but also more suitable to change than nylon or Kydex, resulting in a considerably better fit. Furthermore, being made from leather, the 1911 holsters will feel more fashionable and elegant in your hands.


So, if you want to get the most out of this wonderful American classic, selecting the best of the 1911 holsters is crucial. So, make sure the holster has all of the essential attributes of a decent everyday carry holster such as a high degree of safety and accessibility, quicker draw speeds, ideal fitting, and exceptional build quality.



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