Everything you need to know about lit tincture

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The lit tincture is a concentrated herbal extract that is made by soaking the bark, leaves, berries, or roots from either one or more plants in alcohol. The alcohol helps in pulling out the active ingredients from the parts of the plant so that they can be concentrated in liquid. It has many medicinal properties and health benefits. It has health-boosting chemicals.

Cannabis Tinctures: Everything You Need To Know

Which is the best lit tincture or edibles?

  1. You can consume both in oral forms. The lit tincture is a liquid extract that is available in different potencies, and in dispensaries, you will find it in small glass bottles which has dropper caps for dosing.
    On the other hand, edibles are vast varieties of cannabis-infused foods and beverages like chocolates, hard candies, baked goods, coffees, teas, and many more.


  1. When you consume tinctures, you take them under the tongue, and then you will notice the effect in 15 to 30 minutes. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin and then directly go into the bloodstream which gives fast results.
    Whereas, edibles take a long time to show their effect. When you will consume edibles, the cannabinoids first go to the liver instead of going into the bloodstream. Once it gets processed through the liver, and then will enter the blood which will take 45 to 90 minutes for showing the effect.


  1. Lit tincture provides various benefits like its best for those people who have stomach issues, is convenient and discreet, dropper cap which offers fast, accurate dosing, and have several forms of application like sublingual, topical, and added to food.
    On the other hand, edibles provide vast options for consumption. It has several benefits like long-lasting results, convenience, and discreetness.


  1. There are a few drawbacks of tinctures, like they may have an unpleasant taste. It may also cause dry mouth.
    Edibles though have long-lasting effects but it takes longer to feel them. If you take a high dose of it there are chances of you getting unwanted side-effects like anxiety, paranoia, etc.

Based on the above points both have their pros and cons but it's clear that lit tincture is the best option than edibles.

From where you can buy lit tincture?

If you want to get tinctures easily then buy them from an online dispensary. You will easily get it from there and below are some benefits you will get if you buy it online –

  • Quality – if you want to get good quality tinctures then you will get them online. You will always get them in fresh quality.


  • Affordability – you will get in affordable rates in the online dispensary. Also, you will get offers, discounts, and sometimes offers.


  • Availability – lit tinctures will be easily available in an online dispensary, and if you go to buy it from a local dispensary then there are chances that you might not get it. So, why go to the local dispensary when you can easily buy it from an online dispensary.

So, now don't think much, and order your tinctures from an online dispensary so that you can enjoy consuming them.

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