Stone Masons- What Are The Qualifications To Be One?

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Imagining a world without stone masons is impossible as all the structures we see today are their construction. Since primitive times, stone masons are those people who have helped to give the world a new shape and structure. With the passing time, the need for stone mason melbourne increases as the development takes place.

A Stonemason Career Guide - Memorials of Distinction

Previously people did not think that much qualification was needed to be a stone mason. But now, with the increasing demand for stonemasons, a qualified or experienced stone mason is being chosen by the people. So now, if one wants to be a stone mason, he can take a college course, choose to train under somebody and complete an apprenticeship.

Steps That You Can Take To Be Stone Mason

Although it may seem easy to take a course and complete an apprenticeship, there are many things you need to consider before indulging in any course. Now, most of the stone mason melbourne possess a bachelor's degree and the certificates of additional training courses. In addition, to work on a construction site, there is a construction skills certificate scheme card or CSCS card.

Step 1- Choosing A College Course

If you have no prior experience with stone masonry or construction, taking a college course is the best option. With a course, you can develop the basic knowledge one needs to be a stone mason, and then you can get a level 1 certificate in the construction field. In addition, there are some other diplomas that are also available to gain proficiency in stonemasonry, such as a level 2 diploma in stonemasonry.

Sometimes, the colleges also require completed GCSEs for enrollment, so one may need to get these completed before choosing a particular course. Generally, GCSE grades from A* to E are required in almost all the colleges. In addition, some colleges take level 1 and level 2 certificates equivalent to the GCSE grades; it solely depends upon the college you have decided to go to.

Step 2- Find Appropriate Traineeship

There are many traineeship programs available for people aged between 16 and 24 to train at construction sites. These programs are usually short, and the duration may range from ½ months to 6 months. These are ideal for the people who are just starting their journey and need some experience beforehand. One can also get to know what to expect when they are working as a stone mason.

Step 3- Complete Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are the best way to step into the construction industry as they are the way to get insights into the work done at the construction sites. An apprentice is employed by a company to work for at least 30 hours a week and is treated as any other employee. The timing will be divided so your studies in the college and the experience on the job remain unaffected by each other.

In a nutshell, being a stone mason in melbourne is a job profile that now requires a specification as well as some firsthand experience from the masons. Having good physical health along with some knowledge will help you achieve success.

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