Consider the DBS certificate in order to hire an applicant

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When applying for a job, a recruiter will get to know all the personal information about an applicant. But they can’t be sure of what kind of person he is or if he has done anything violent in his life. In today’s world crime and violence is increasing, crime against the helpless is top on the list. That is why some companies take good care to know about the applicants. They try to know every bit of their life before hiring someone especially if the job is about helping vulnerable adults or taking care of children. Then the security is the first priority.

Firstly let’s know about the process. A DBS check is a process to check someone’s criminal record if they have any. It analyses and checks if a person is ever convicted or faced any criminal offences or has committed any crime. This information is taken from the record after 11 years most. This check enables a person to be suitable for certain jobs. There are 3 levels checking, these includes:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • enhanced

This process is mainly done by the recruiter of the company. When they are taking new applicants to the job they make sure that the person is ideal for the job. They apply to check if the person has any criminal history. Although the jobs where this checking is required for are:

  • Hospital
  • Finance
  • Home care
  • School
  • Social work
  • Vet
  • Solicitor

There are both advantages and disadvantages in this checking system. It is involved in the recruitment process.


  • Better quality applicant- by this checking process a recruiter can get a better quality applicant, who will be beneficial for the company. It can increase the number of applicants who are honest and want to work in a safe environment.
  • Liability protection- it helps to protect the company liability. It includes accusations from employees, clients.
  • Workplace safety- it increases the safety of the workplace. This applies to both the employer and the employees.
  • Reduced turnover- this process can help a company to hire the right candidate. These employees will stay a lot of time in the company and affect productivity and finance.
  • Meeting with regulations and requirements- it is particularly best for the employees as it can meet all the regulations and requirements.


  • Mistake- this checking process is not accurate all the time. There are so many mistakes in the final report.
  • Offensive- some people can consider it a violation of privacy. It can risk offending the quality applicants.
  • Expensive- this process is very expensive. It increases its cost depending on the level of checking.
  • Timing- most of the cases, the certificate comes in 4 weeks, but in case of any mistakes or misunderstandings it can take much more time than that.
  • Unfair bias- it can present unfair bias to those who have committed crimes in the past. In most of the cases they have cleared the frame, but still the recruiter will dismiss the file if they found any criminal history, which does not provide a chance to the person to walk in the right direction.


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