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a marijuana plant growing, started from seedling

Marijuana seeds are sold in the United States in the online cannabis seed market. Thousands of seed strains are for sale as regular seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. Productive medical marijuana strains for optimum yields are specially bred for peak performance—in terms of bud weight, overall quality, resin production and cannabinoid content, as well as terpene profile.

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Marijuana Seeds Explained

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Breeders create their own marijuana strains by inbreeding and crossbreeding cannabis varieties. Currently there exists hundreds, if not thousands, of marijuana seed breeders and distributor brands throughout the U.S. and worldwide. A global cannabis community that praises exciting new hybrids is responsible for sustaining the demand. Notable cannabis strain hybrids include Bruce Banner, a weed strain named after the Hulk's alter ego, OG Kush,the legendary indica/sativa crossbreed West Coast weed strain and White Widow,a potent hybrid of exotic genetics that gets buds covered in a thick coating of white frosty trichome crystals.

The legendary marijuana strain OG Kush

Marijuana seed banks are suppliers of cannabis seeds that may sell online, in a dispensary, shop, seed vendor marketplace or simply keep the seeds for preservation. The leading cannabis seed distributors deliver seeds into the U.S. stealthy and fast. Seeds are shipped in discreet packaging and sent to locations across the nation. Expect a wait of 3–4 days at the earliest, with some orders coming in at up to 3 weeks. Return policy on marijuana seeds varies by vendor. Be sure to check updated information regarding shipping times, costs and guaranteed delivery to your location in the U.S. Review your seeds and shopping experience on the company's website and TrustPilot.

Feminized seeds, also known as female seeds or "fem seeds", are created via plant mutations. These marijuana seeds grow into solely female gender plants, supplying the cultivator with a selection of budding weed cultivars for cloning and seedless bud harvesting.

Autoflowering seeds, often called autoflower seeds or "auto seeds", are the result of crossbreeding cannabis ruderalis to cannabis sativa. The hybridized marijuana plants retain the genetic attribute that cannabis ruderalis is known for—flowering under virtually any light schedule.

Regular seeds, also known as "reg seeds", are what female marijuana plants produce when naturally bred to a male. Regular seeds germinate into mixed male and female cannabis plants.


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