Is MBBS in Russia a good option?

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Are you planning to get admission in Russia for doing MBBS? MBBS in Russia is quite popular in various countries. Russia has been a very well-known destination point for international students who pursue MBBS every year in a large number.
The MBBS pass-outs from Russia are working on the top leading hospitals across the whole world. Russian medical colleges provide high-quality education to students at an affordable rate. As many Russian colleges are affordable for international students, getting admission to the Medical Colleges in Russia has become popular increasingly.
There are 57 medical colleges in Russia where the ratio of the students and teachers is about 7:1. Out of these 57 universities, there are a total of 12 English medium medical universities that offer MBBS.
In the past few decades, the number of international students has increased very rapidly in Russia for doing MBBS. All the universities in Russia are recognized by the WHO & Medical Council of the top leading countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, etc.

Duration of MBBS Russia

For doing MBBS, do you know what is the duration of completing the course? Well, for getting an MBBS degree in Russia, the duration differs according to the medium of language i.e. the English medium Russian medical college duration time for completing the MBBS is 6 years. The Russian medium medical college offers 7 years course plan for the MBBS students which also includes 1 year as Russian language training.

About Russia

Russia is situated in Asia and Western Europe and the capital of the country is Moscow which is also the largest city across the globe. ‘The largest country in the world by the land area where the population is about 146.6 million. The democratic form of rule is all on which the government of Russia is based on. The land border of The Russian Federation is shared with Finland, Lithuania, and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Azerbaijan, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, China, Ukraine, Norway Estonia, Belarus, Mongolia, and North Korea.

Why MBBS Study in Russia

All the students who complete their degree from Russian medical colleges can practice anywhere across the world as the name of the medical universities are listed in the WHO and medical council of India.
The colleges mainly focus on providing high-quality education to the students along with practical knowledge. Also, the campus life of the students is very enjoyable where they get fully furnished hostel facilities and fresh quality food.
Also, the students are offered a scholarship if they fulfil the criteria of the scholarship. Medical insurance is provided to all the students for all the courses and also they get full medical treatment whenever they require.
The Russian medical college provides education to its students in English medium or Russian medium as per the choice of the students. Also, the students get the training of the Russian language as it would be so easy for the students when they communicate with the patients in the hospital during the time of medical practice.

Course fee for MBBS in Russia

To study medical in Russia is very much easy for the students as they can get direct admission without giving any entrance exam. Also, the government of Russia provides subsidies for education; hence, the cost fee of MBBS in Russia Fees is very low and affordable. The average medical college fee in Russia is around 2.5 lacs to 5 lacs per year. STANDYOU allows you to get admission very easily as it helps students to discover and apply in educational institutions across the globe.

Benefits of MBBS Russia

  1. The Russian medical colleges don’t charge any donations from the students. Also, the students don’t need to give any entrance exam to get admission in MBBS.
  2. The admission procedure is so easy for the students.
  3. The course fees are less & subsidized.
  4. The Degrees are recognized across the globe which are provided by Medical Universities of Russia.
  5. In most of the universities, Indian canteens are available.
  6. European Standard of living.
  7. Excellent Result can be seen in MCI Screening Test as only Russia Education offers MCI Coaching in Russian Medical Universities.
  8. 100% Visa Guarantee
  9. All the colleges are the Government Universities of Russia
  10. Reference Available of Students working in Leading Hospitals is across the globe as the pass outs students are working in various countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Indian, the United Kingdom, and other major countries across the globe.

Eligibility criteria for admission in Russia

The students must have completed 17 years of age before 31st December at the admission year.

  1. The candidate must have secured at least 50% marks in 10+2 from the Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) from any recognized board/institute.
  2. As per the notification of Medical Council of India- Board of governors), the Indian medical students who want to take admission in Foreign medical Universities need to qualify NEET examination.

Tips that you should keep in mind before packing your bag before going to your destination: Russia

You are going to live in a different country for the next few years, hence, it is suggested to know everything about the weather, culture, lifestyle of that country as you are going to be there until your course gets completed. You can read about the country so that you may get an idea that on what surroundings or environment you are going to live for the upcoming next few years.
Well, apart from that you should never miss a few things that you may be needed there. Here’s the list of those few things:

  1. Original Passport with visa.
  2. Original documents of qualification along with the certificates of Class 11th and 12th along with their apostilled copies.
  3. Admission letter from the University.
  4. Passport size photographs (30-40 colored).
  5. The medical report along with the HIV report.
  6. Other medical certificates which are authorized by the concerned personnel.
  7. Additional 3 to 4 photocopy of all the qualification documents.
  8. Currency converted into the locally accepted currency – Ruble or Dollars.
    You can take admission easily without giving any entrance exam to one of these 57 medical universities. Also always keep in mind that wherever you go, you carry all the required documents along with you so that you do not face any issues.

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