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We have the pressure washer and accessories to meet your commercial and industrial maintenance needs. Pressure washers include air-operated pressure washers, electronically-operated pressure washers, pressure washers for challenging situations, and robust portable and compact pressure washers. Our pressure washer is made from chrome steel and provides reliability and long life. Some features and benefits of a pressure washer include:

Steel reinforced hoses and chrome steel rods.

Soap containers.

Optional use in challenging situations. A full range of accessories is available, including hoses, nozzles, wands, and accessories for pressure washers.

We have a pressure washer for all your different pressure washingby experts applications, from light duty to heavy duty. Each application requires a particular amount of pressure to break the bond between n "dirt" and therefore the surface to which it adheres. Using forces more generous than 20% above the minimum required to break the glue will not improve the speed of cleaning the equipment. However, once the joint rupture pressure is reached, increasing the flow will reduce cleaning time. Looking for higher and better pressure ratings when choosing a pressure washer may not give you the most detailed results. Remember, our sales professionals can always help you select the right pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Applications

I once used Pressure washers almost exclusively in commercial and industrial settings. Pressure washers have become so common that even homeowners can purchase pressure washers for a low price. With more people familiar with receiving pressure washers, it stands to reason that they will discover additional workplace applications. Pressure washers are now widely used in almost every industry.

we manufactures a complete line of leading industrial pressure washers and maintenance kits.

Below are some common uses for the pressure washer in various industries.

Municipalities: Pressure washer

Municipalities believe that pressure washers and knowledge of chemistry maintain control over graffiti removal and control. Municipal workers also use pressure washers to keep fleets of vehicles clean. These fleets include police, firefighters, emergency vehicles, buses, and trucks. Pressure washers also often clean and restore local statues and monuments. Recently, pressure washers used to clean the big faces at Rushmore.

Food and beverage industry: pressure washer

Cleanliness is the watchword within the food and beverage industry. Hot and cold water pressure washers are widely used to take care of food property, plant, and equipment. Pressure washers are used daily for washing tubs, mixers, packaging equipment, cutting and mixing equipment, etc. Can you imagine what job you must have to keep a food plant clean using all the manual methods?

Boats and marinas: Pressure washer

Go to any marina or shipyard, and you are sure to see those pressure washers get used to washing the bottom of boats of marine growth like barnacles and algae. Pressure washers equipped with wet sandblasting accessories are also famous for preparing metal surfaces for painting.

Buildings: Pressure Washer

Homeowners of inexpensive and residential buildings use pressure washers to wash awnings, siding, windows, loading docks, trash cans, and anything that gets dirty. Pressure washers can also be equipped with special hoses and nozzles to drain cleaners to stop clogs. Pressure washers are like computers today - how do we do without them?

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