5 Youtube News You Should Know on Android and iPhone

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If you go through the Google Play Store or the App Store you will find, in the next few days, a new version of the YouTube application waiting to be downloaded. An update loaded with news to make controlling playback, searching for videos, or simply stopping using YouTube easier and more comfortable.

Here we tell you these 5 news so that you can be an expert when it comes to searching and watching our videos, or whatever you want.


The chapters in the videos have been a feature already available in the web version for a couple of months, and they help you quickly find the specific content you are looking for. It is especially useful in video tutorials, sectional programs, and other content where parts are well divided.

It depends on the author, who has to specify these segments. But, if you do it in the video description, mobile users can also start jumping between chapters just like on the web.

But not only that. If you click on the name of the chapter in miniature when you are on it in the playback line, now the mobile application will open the complete list of chapters in vertical view. This way you will be able to see a thumbnail or screenshot of the content of that section, as well as the name, and quickly jump to that section.


If you are one of those who watch videos in other languages ​​and are always turning subtitles on and off, now you will find the least hidden function. More in sight. You just have to press the three buttons in the upper right corner and Youtube com Activate, or deactivate the comments on the corresponding button. 

Something similar happens with the button for the auto - reproduction of lists and contents. Whereas in previous versions this option was sliding down the video screen, now YouTube has a shortcut right at the top of the screen.

Other options and buttons on the player have also been improved, which should work faster. All this with a more simplified and accessible experience.


Until now, going to full screen meant keeping the terminal's gyro sensor active and flipping it. However, it can be uncomfortable if you don't have this feature activated or if you watch YouTube lying on the bed or sofa, where the sensor may have trouble recognizing the current position.

Well, now there is a gesture to pass a video of the portrait or small format to full screen. You just have to swipe up. And the same if you want to go from the full-screen view to the small view, sliding down in this case.

Along with this, a new gesture has also been added to the time bar. All you have to do is tap on the timestamp to go from viewing the time the video has advanced to the remaining time format.


Browsing the new version of YouTube, it is very likely that you will find new posters and pop-up messages here and there when you perform some actions or play some specific content. For example virtual reality videos.

In this case, a message will appear telling you to rotate the mobile to see the experience in 360 degrees. Suggestions that, according to YouTube, will be introduced and expanded in the coming months with more actions to be aware of how to handle every detail of YouTube.


Along with other digital wellness tools, Google has also introduced disconnect reminders on YouTube. A programmable warning will indicate that you have reached bedtime so that you can cut the playback and rest.

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