Emailing + Texting Tips For Online Dating

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Over email, it may be difficult to tell if someone is attracted to you or just being polite. First communications on a dating site tend to be playful, non-serious, or lighthearted. If a potential date seems to to put effort into their responses, this alone may be a sign of interest. Ignoring an email in your inbox is extremely easy to do. Sometimes just receiving a response, signals some kind of attraction.

Online Responses Show Interest

Text messages and emails do not tend to get priority, compared to a phone call. It isn’t easy to make a connection through email because subtle humor or context can sometimes be lost in this type of communication. If your potential date doesn’t ignore your messages, this alone can be a signal of interest. This type of communication can also mean that this person is overly talkative, bored, or friendly. But a quick response usually shows that they person places a priority on your relationship. Sometimes a serious response alone can show attraction or interest.

Initiation of Conversation

One clue that your new “online friend” wants to get more acquainted is that they frequently initiate (or start) the conversations. Initiation of communication is one major signal of interest or attraction. If your “friend” asks about your hobbies, your life, or looks like they want to connect on a deeper level this is a clue that they may be interested. This initiation of conversation should be a signal for you to do the same in return.

Asking Questions

Questions show the intent to create more intimacy in a relationship. If your potential date questions you about your family, childhood, or interests, this is an attempt create a stronger bond. These questions are a clue that you should ask questions of your own.

Doing your part to encourage the relationship, is also necessary to move from a friendship to a romance.

More Than just A Basic Response

The amount of effort a person puts into a response can also demonstrate their level of interest. If you tend to receive alot of 2 word answers or boring responses to email questions, this may signal disinterest. The amount of work a person puts into a response, can signal their attraction level. If a person goes out of their way to make a thoughtful, funny, or interesting response, this demonstrates a high level of interest.

On the other hand, some people do not like to communicate by email or text message. They often give short responses that just serve to communicate basic information. These people would much rather meet up than speak over an email.

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