No Expat Relationship is Perfect

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Even expatriates who are Life Coaches have their own issues. I find it very funny when Im having trouble in my relationship that people think I should have all my own answers. Im the first one to say tell me your problem and Im help you work it out.

I deal with all the same issues as everyone else. That is why I understand the struggles you go through with your expat partner. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Have you ever thought one of your friends has the best relationship ever because they get along so well and dont fight? Think again, any couple that never disagrees has some real issues that are just not being dealt with. For instance, when I was a teenager and my expat friends met my parents they would say "Your parents are so awesome". I thought this was so funny because they had no idea what it was like when it was just my family. Sure, on the outside everything looked great but trusts me my family was as dysfunctional as the next.

I am very intuitive even in my own relationships. I deal head on with any problems that may arise whether it is with my partner, parent, siblings and expat friends. That is what attracts people to me for advice. They see me dealing in reality and not fantasy. With me you will always get feedback which is honest.

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Mixed feeling in a relationship

When your emotions are all over the place in your relationship you MUST pay attention. Should I stay or should I go is a question that does need an answer. Take some time alone to listen to your inner chatter and you will find the answers. Journal if it helps! Need to talk?

Are past relationships haunting you?

This is a common theme for most expat people. Does your past relationships affect your current?

You can leave your past relationships behind but they teach you so many lessons that you shouldn’t forget. When you first meet someone new we tend to discuss our past relationships. Sometimes there is common ground and experiences but sometimes we share a little too much and it can come back to bit you. Think before you reveal something that can and sometimes will be used against you in a future argument.

Sharing is important but sometimes too much information is too much.

Romance and Private Jets

I have to say that I am a hopeless romantic and every once in a while something leads me to fantasize about the endless opportunities for romance. How amazing would it be to have your expatriate boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other invite you on a luxurious private jet and has you fly around the world and tour exotic places?

If you dream big and have the financial resources, consider flying in a private jet and being treated like a king or queen. With today’s high-end jet charter companies this is possible. If you want something truly unique, you can design you own vacation with hotel stays and treating the person your in love with to something special is priceless. Giving them a surprise like this is so worth the value.

Romance aside; think about all the different occasions that a private jet can be used for whether it is business, family or just plain fun. A girl can dream but why not turn the dream into reality?

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