What Is Canvas Printing & Photo Reproduction?

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Have you ever thought of canvas print? In the digital era, we come across the word canvas mostly from fine art students and interior designing or may from the art gallery and print; most of us are aware of this compiling together we form canvas printing.

It is a life pixel illustrated in physical form to décor our home, offices, etc. It reproduces other forms of art. Different kinds of printers are used in canvas prints such as off-set printing, dye sublimation, or inkjet printers. It not only décor but also enhance the texture and depth of the color.


  • PAINTING REPRODUCTION: The process of scanning the original paintings and the same digitally printed onto the canvas is known as painting reproduction. Price is more affordable.
  • Enhancing the quality: It enhances the image quality and gives a depth of color to the image.
  • In Interior décor: Canvas print plays a crucial role in interior designing. It embellishes the wall of your room. Inkjet printing is also used on canvas.
  • Use in Fine Art: Fine art students use canvas in different ways. Sometimes as canvas board oil paintings, sometimes digitally as a photo canvas.


Photo reproduction is the process of scanning the original image and then printing digitally on canvas.

The stretched canvas giclee print is first coated with the UV protectant and then framed in hardwood. The hardwood frames are not flexible. Float flame can help you to hang the image on walls, the size of the frame is mostly available from 12*18 to 54' high. The aluminum print involves a dye sublimated process and a coated sheet of aluminum. It does not get dull instead shine and malleable and do not fade from UV rays.

Fine art rag paper is made up of 100% cotton with a white surface, it is acid-and lignin-free matte paper. As its surface is bright you can easily enhance the quality of the image.

The optimum size is 7''*5'' and 6''*4.


Pros of canvas print:

Canvas print images are easy to carry and hang on the walls you can easily hold the frame with little pins, it is so light weighted.

It décor the walls and embellish the interior .you can hang the frame anywhere you wish to. well with a plain color background monochrome design will look stunning. It comes with a protective coating so it lasts for 100 years. You can try the different layouts like single canvas, multi-panel canvas

Cons of canvas print:

It doesn't have a glare. It is a permanent type of print so you can not easily vanish up. It is a bit costly, you need plenty of spaces for the bigger picture if they are will be small canvas prints will look jam.


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