Which Glass and Magnification to Choose When Getting the Best Binoculars for Hunting In 2020

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Is hunting your thing? For many people it is. Yet no matter if they do it for fun or professionally, they need the proper equipment to be successful at this activity.

Understandably, eye vision and precision are vital, but they should be combined with hunting binoculars and the features they offer. Since objects and animals can be far from the place the hunter is standing on, the binoculars serve to enhance the image and help them catch what they came after.

When choosing the right pair, though, there are a few details people shouldn’t overlook. Some of the most important ones are related to the glass and magnification. So, in the following paragraphs, we will give you an idea of what they are and how they affect your choice.

How Important the Glass Is

Firstly, it should be noted that not all binoculars have the same quality of glass. Especially those for hunting should have an enhanced glass that provides the clarity hunters need. Regardless of the closeness of the subject, they should be able to spot it on time and act quickly.

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Then, it’s clear that the glass is the one that lets the light in. When it enters the binoculars it moves between the internal surfaces made of glass. In many cases, a part of the light doesn’t even reach the eyes. Instead, it’s transmitted in a higher percentage to give the hunter a sharp and clear image.

In fact, nowadays the high definition glass with a premium quality that provides very low dispersion has proven to be desirable among users. Otherwise known as ED glass, it spreads the colors incorporated in the light, thus showing a more real sight. Not to mention that the image appears brighter to the one looking through the binoculars.

Moreover, the glass is directly connected to the coatings. So, users pay special attention to this when picking their binos. Without the coating, the light transmission is lower, affecting the quality of the view. Therefore, buyers usually go for hunting binoculars whose glass is multi-coated. This means that many layers cover it and transmit more light.

Choosing the Right Magnification

Hunting binoculars have proven to be useful no matter the distance of the subject hunters are after. They can be utilized for close and long-range. Yet what matters is to get the magnification right. The truth is that not all binos give satisfactory results in all situations. Some perform better when the animal is close by and others when it stands far from the person looking through the glass.

Therefore, before purchasing the right 2020 hunting binoculars for them, users should understand which magnification is preferable for their situation.

Close-Range Hunting

When people hunt in a close range, they need binoculars more for spotting details and recognizing the subject in the dark. So, they shouldn’t look for high magnification. Going for magnification of 10 times or higher can do more damage than good. Why? It’s because the higher the magnification is the narrower the field of view will be and the binos will shake more when held in hands. Moreover, animals that move faster will run away without the hunter noticing them.

So, a recommended magnification when hunting from a short distance is 6, 7 or 8 times but no more than 8x. Not only does it provide a field of view that’s wider but the colors are brighter, as well thanks to the bigger exit pupil.

Despite this, a pro tip is to keep the binoculars steady by using a tripod or even leaning against the trunk of a nearby tree.

Long-Range Hunting

The situation is slightly different if people are hunting from a longer distance. In this case, they require bigger precision and clarity. This can be achieved with at least 10 times magnification. Some hunters go even for 12 times. With both of these, the views are more detailed.

However, it should be noted that higher magnification brings consequences mainly related to stability. Furthermore, the one holding them should try to keep the hands as steady as possible to avoid shaky views. To be completely sure, it’s recommended for hunters to use a tripod and put the binos on it. That way the distance will make no real difference when it comes to observing the subjects clearly.

Final Remarks

All things considered, people should be careful when choosing the right hunting binoculars for them. Some of the main indicators to show them whether the product is suitable for their situation are the glass and magnification. Hunters should look for glass that provides bright views and has coatings. And as for the magnification, they should observe the place they stand in and see if they hunt at a close distance or from afar. So, good luck and share your experience with shopping for hunting binoculars with us!

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