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If you're considering making an application to an accelerator program for your startup, then you've found the right website. There are various options available for accelerator programs for startups today, ranging from Y Combinator to Tech Stars. A variety of options isn't easy to decide the best way to respond and which accelerator program can provide the best value for your startup. In this review, we're providing a thorough Newchip analysis to assist you in better understanding the advantages and disadvantages associated with this Newchip accelerator program. At the same time, you choose the best accelerator program to suit your company's unique needs. Newchip Reviews

What is acceleration?

In the beginning, I believe it's crucial to clarify and decode the function of a startup accelerator program. It will aid in understanding the benefits you benefit from an accelerator program, how Newchip compares to other accelerators, and what is the real goal of what accelerators provide startups. According to Harvard Business Review, an accelerator program is intended to aid companies that are in the early stages and who are committed to growth by offering mentoring, education, advisory levels of guidance, as well as a route toward financing, whether it comes through the fund that the accelerator manages, or through introductions to investors who have been vetted. It is vital to emphasize that accelerators aren't for the faint-hearted. If you're not committed to your business, you shouldn't even consider the possibility of applying for an accelerator. Accelerator courses are incredibly rapid, intense, and engaging educational experiences designed to help you expand your business. These are not classes or college classes. They are real-world programs that help entrepreneurs transform their idea into viable businesses. The fundamental elements of an accelerator are:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Education
  3. Funding

In this Newchip review, we'll look at how Newchip is positioned as an accelerator about these three main foundations.


Each accelerator appears to offer mentors as a component of its programs. When we consider what value accelerator programs provide about mentorship, It is essential to examine the number of mentors available and the quality of mentors the accelerator provides to its cohort companies. It is where Newchip truly is different from other accelerators. Many renowned accelerators like Tech Stars and Capital Factory provide their co-workers access to mentors. However, the quality of the mentors is frequently questioned. Many accelerator programs accept anyone with a LinkedIn profile to serve as an accelerator mentor. Mentors of most accelerators do not receive compensation in any way, and the accelerator views it as a chance to help startups. It's a good and worthy idea, but it doesn't necessarily result in the highest quality. It's possible to find a reputable mentor. You might not. It's all about how luck plays out. In the end, time is money, and successful entrepreneurs and founders cannot find much time to spare. One unique thing for Newchip is that they meticulously examine their mentors. Apart from a rigorous screening process, they also compensate their instructors. If you are a mentor and experienced and willing to guide and coach entrepreneurs, Newchip will compensate you for the effort you invest. It is not common in the area of mentorships related to accelerator programs. It has dramatically helped Newchip find top-quality mentors. Newchip's mentorship rating is A.


It is here that Newchip is unique. While most accelerators offer a single program or program, Newchip offers three program tracks that are suited to various stages of a business: 1)) Pre-Accelerator) Pre-Seed and) Seed and Series A. Every program's curriculum is designed toward the startup stage, the best fit for your business, and where you are at the beginning of your company's journey. The diverse curriculums of different programs include varying lengths and durations. The Pre-Accelerator course is a self-paced, self-paced program that comprises 30+ hours of online training and startup legal templates. It also provides incorporation guidance and is designed to help startups obtain initial capital to develop an MVP and achieve an initial level of revenue and sales in the early stages. The Pre-Seed and Seed & Series A programs are much more demanding, with a commitment of six months. It includes two to four hours of classes per week, mentor sessions with a dedicated mentor mastermind, workshops, pitch coaching, and many other advantages and benefits that will assist you in running your business with success. The quality of their education is top-notch, and the program's alums have nothing but positive remarks about the program:

After having attended other events in Houston and other startup events, Newchip blew it out of the water. It was genuine and was based on actual logic. Also, the flow of the presentation was excellent. - Emmit Schultz, Founder & CEO of Savi & Newchip Reviews

Newchip's educational grade is B+ (Note I'm giving it the grade B+, as opposed to A, since I've not looked over all aspects of the curriculum. Our evaluation is based on reviews, testimonials, and other reviews, as well as what's publicly available regarding the program's curriculum.)


Accessing money is probably the most important factor to succeeding in the execution and growing your business. However, companies that are not funded and have a lot of money aren't necessarily bad. Mentorship and education assist founders in grasping and comprehending how to utilize their money best. The three elements in an accelerator (mentorship education, mentorship, and financing) are working together. Even with excellent educators and mentors, however, money is still needed to start and expand an enterprise. Newchip offers a handful of things that can be extremely helpful in gaining their fellow companies access to the capital they need.

  • Access to the Investor Connect Platform - a private SaaS tool to assist founders in connecting with investors
  • Minimum of 10 investor meetings guaranteed - While some accelerator programs advertise the opportunity to join an investor community, Newchip guarantees company meetings. It is an enormous benefit.
  • Venture Fund In addition to providing investors' meetings, Newchip can also invest in your business directly through the fund Journey Ventures.

Newchip does not guarantee that you will receive funding in the same way as Y-Combinator or other accelerator programs that require an amount of money as an element of an organization's acceptance into their accelerator programs. However, Newchip has no stake in your business as a condition for participating in the accelerator. They charge a nominal fee for participation in the accelerator program if you're accepted. If Newchip decides to invest capital into their fund, that's the time Newchip would consider equity in their investment. It is a sensible alternative, as other accelerators may require equity from the business, despite the commitment to provide capital. In the end, Newchip has carved out an efficient and profitable approach that differs from the other accelerators. Newchip's funding grades It is a

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Frank C Review Newchip

In the larger scheme of things, Newchip is a wise investment because it will save you time that you'd otherwise be using to hunt down investors. Instead, you’ll be able to spend that time building your product and showing the world what it’s all about. There are many innovations accessible through Newchip that a company can use at their own speed. What's more, businesses can meet investors across the nation, rather than in a select area.

Review by Lawrence

We did the program to fundraise and Newchip introduced us to 25 investors, couldn't be better!

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33 Reviews of – Sitejabber

Angelica V. Review

Their accelerator programs are very informative and I would recommend them even to the veteran CEOs out there. The sessions let you mingle with other founders so there's an abundance of best practices shared.
The best part is that they helped us raise capital for our digital marketing start-up without taking equity. So our business remains entirely our own. Happy to report that we are now equipped to help smaller businesses grow faster too.

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Newchip has checked all the most essential boxes in terms of what you need to look for and look for when deciding whether to sign up for the accelerator. The fact that Newchip doesn't take equity from accelerators is a plus. Still, entrepreneurs must be willing to pay fees to be members of an accelerator program, which, in our view, is an excellent alternative to giving up equity. With all the benefits you'll gain from this program and the fact that Newchip does not require equity investment, this is truly a fantastic opportunity. One thing that sets Newchip apart, making their accelerator more accessible than other accelerators, is that their program is entirely online. It is not necessary to move or travel. You can take part at your home. It makes it a superior option to accelerators requiring you to be present. It is particularly beneficial in a post-covid age where everything is moving towards remote access. If you're excited about participating in Newchip's accelerator program, we suggest you join it! But, you'll apply and be accepted. Newchip has strict acceptance criteria. The best option is to apply. If you are accepted to the program, we would recommend applying! Read Newchip Reviews

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