The Power of Alumni Networking

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DID YOU KNOW that recently PSLV C53 carried LPU alumni Digital Space Weather Instrument? Yes, you heard it right, Digantara: Digital Space Weather Instrument, is a space tech startup,  headed by Anirudh Sharma (CEO) and Rahul Rawat (Co-founder and COO) alumnus of Lovely Professional University who built the World’s first commercial space-based weather system, ROBI (ROBust Integrating proton fluence metre), on the most prestigious Indian Space Research Organizations’ PSLV – C53 Mission . While the nation was celebrating the achievements of ISRO, LPU was teary eyed and overwhelmed with the pride of having such alumni. These flamboyant students have not only made their university proud but have become an inspiration to the whole world.


Now, imagine yourself being connected with these people, exciting right? This is what the power of alumni is and as rightly said by Michele Jennae, “Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”


In this article, we will focus on how an Online MBA student can use alumni networks to become the next most celebrated student of their university.


5 Effective Ways To Use Alumni Network in Online MBA

In today's competitive and interconnected world, online MBA courses offer virtual opportunities for professional development. The advent of digital networking has disrupted traditional paradigms, making it essential for both students and professionals to seize these opportunities. Networking through resources like alumni networks, industry events, virtual conferences, and social media can provide ample opportunities for career advancement thereby revolutionising career growth after MBA.


If you are looking for new possibilities, guidance, mentoring, or referrals after completing your MBA then your alumni network might be a great source. However, getting the most out of your alumni network involves more than just sending out generic messages and queries.


Here, we have presented five pointers on how you can leverage your alumni network to boost your career.

1. Research Your Alumni

Researching your alumni network is one of the most crucial steps to effectively network. Not every alumni can help you out with your goals and career. Therefore, being specific and sticking to the relevant ones is important.


To research potential alumni from your institute, you can utilise a variety of platforms, including LinkedIn, your college alumni directory, and social media. Look for recent graduates as well as older ones who have the appropriate skills, knowledge, or connections to help you reach your objective.


You may further narrow your search by specifying the location, graduating year, or industry. Make a list of prospective alumni you want to connect with based on their biography, accomplishments, interests, and activities.

2. Reach Out to Your Alumni Strategically

After thorough research, and building a list of possible connections, you must carefully start connecting or contacting them. Don't send a very generic message or immediately ask for favours. Rather, provide a quick introduction, identify your common alma mater, and explain why you are approaching them. The message should not be too long, boring or generic, it should be crisp, and tailor-made for each alumnus separately. 

Be considerate, professional, and welcoming. Also, thank them for their care and time. Depending on your purpose and the amount of rapport you have established, you may even request a specific action, such as a phone call, a meeting, a referral, or an introduction. Thus, try to be the best in your first impression.

3.  Attend Alumni Events

In online MBA programmes, activities like networking events, business conferences, and guest lectures are frequently organised. These events can help you to form good connections with alumni. They might serve as a great opportunity to meet other recent graduates or older ones and hear about the latest advances in their sector.


Always try to participate in college activities available to both current students and alumni. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only learn about the university but also make some vital contacts. Whether you have recently graduated or are pursuing your higher education course or have been retired for a while, you may continue to participate in committees, international alumni boards, event planning, and other activities through your alumni networks.

4. Become a Part of Alumni Networks or Clubs

The alumni network is a valuable resource for online MBA graduates. It offers wide opportunities for local and national connections with other business schools through social gatherings, professional events, and other activities.


Furthermore, many online MBA schools provide social media groups or online discussion forums for graduates to converse and debate on topics related to their industry or occupation. These discussion forums are an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date on industry advancements, exchange ideas, and connect with other recent graduates.


For online MBA students looking to advance their careers, an active alumni network can be an invaluable resource. Engaging with alumni can provide insights into market trends, information on potential career paths, internships or employment opportunities, networking opportunities, and financial assistance.

5. Seek Advice and Mentorship from Your Alumni

A few online MBA colleges provide mentorship programmes in which alumni engage with current students to provide support and assistance. You can leverage this opportunity to create connections and ask for personal favours.


Your alumni network may be able to help you find a lawyer in the USA, business counsel in Paris, or reliable daycare in London, but for this, all you need to do is request assistance or contacts.


If you are planning to start a business or a startup after you graduate then your alumni network is likely to be one of the most valuable sources. Just ask for help by advertising your company, gain fresh ideas, and perhaps sell. From ideas to fresh investment to seed funding, you can get all sorts of help from the alumni network.


As a professional, you understand the value of tapping into your alumni network. After all, having the same college provides you with a shared background, which is a terrific reason to meet other intriguing, talented individuals. Furthermore, you must use these contacts to promote your career. You can do this by asking or giving recommendations, introductions, opportunities, or referrals from these contacts.


You can also leverage your relationships to gain access to new networks, sources, or insights that might help you achieve your career goals. However, you must remember to be respectful, genuine, and ethical when utilising your relationships. Avoid being generic, obnoxious, demanding, or exploitative. Networking with your alumni can give you immense power. Thus, college connections make a lot of sense because, after all, this is a big part of what you have paid for.

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